Unlocking New Hope: Organicell Reports Interim Success in Phase 1/2A Clinical Trial Program

Organicell Regenerative Medicine, Inc. (OTCQB:OCEL) has just announced the successful results of its Phase 1/2A research program for its biologic therapeutic, ZofinTM. ZofinTM is composed of high concentration nanoparticles, including exosomes, growth factors, and bio-active proteins.

These results have been encouraging with regard to safety outcomes across three separate studies. This is an exciting development in the field of regenerative medicine and gives us hope for potential breakthroughs in therapy treatments.

Organicell has had a whirlwind of success this year with its clinical trials. Its Phase 1 study on knee osteoarthritis saw promising results, and the company further tested its effectiveness with a trial involving moderate-to-severe COVID-19 cases.

In addition, a trial involving ‘long-haul’ COVID-19 patients acquired enough data to end additional patient enrollment earlier this year – the results of which are due to be presented in October 2023.

Three clinical trials have been conducted on ZofinTM, involving over 20 patients who were either treated with the drug or a placebo. Thankfully, across all three studies, there were no safety-related issues or serious adverse events reported. An encouraging sign of the efficacy and safety of this potentially groundbreaking therapy for many conditions.

Dr. Howard Golub, Chief Science Officer of Organicell, highlighted the promising results of their Phase 1 program, revealing that their biologic therapeutics, containing hundreds of billions of bioactive nanoparticles, boast a highly favorable safety profile. Encouraged by the outcomes of their clinical studies, the team is now looking forward to rolling out larger Phase 2 studies in the coming year for several chronic conditions.

Organicell is on the cutting-edge of research, striving to produce the safest and most effective biologic therapies. This ambition has been validated by the recent successful Phase 1 program results. Chief Executive Officer Dr. Harry Leider firmly believes that Organicell is now equipped to reach larger milestones in the road for FDA approval with their novel therapeutics through a larger Phase 2 study.

About Organicell Regenerative Medicines, Inc.

Organicell Regenerative Medicine, Inc. (OTCQB:OCEL) is at the cutting-edge of science and healthcare, specializing in the development of advanced, biological therapeutics. This clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company harvests incredible propriety products from perinatal sources that are manufacturer-preserved with naturally occurring bioactive exosomes, hyaluronic acid, and proteins. Place your trust in their remarkable treatments and services for chronic diseases – they’re truly a force to be reckoned with!

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