Unlocking New Horizons: Xcell Biosciences and Labcorp Hit Milestone Breakthroughs in Dynamic Cell and Gene Therapy Collaboration

“Unleashing Breakthroughs: Xcell Biosciences and Labcorp’s Dynamic Partnership Elevates Cell and Gene Therapy Frontiers”

SAN FRANCISCO—In a symphony of scientific innovation, Xcell Biosciences Inc. (Xcellbio) and Labcorp have orchestrated a collaboration that’s not just pushing boundaries, but obliterating them. With a shared vision to revolutionize cell and gene therapies, this partnership has yielded remarkable milestones that are igniting excitement in the medical world.

From data-driven revelations to intellectual property filings, this collaboration is a powerhouse of discovery. Armed with Xcellbio’s cutting-edge AVATAR platform, the teams are reshaping the landscape of cell therapy. Their focus? Metabolically reprogramming CAR T cells to reignite their potency within the challenging solid tumor microenvironment (TME). Think of it as an artful fusion of science and strategy, designed to enhance cell therapy’s effectiveness.

As data emerges from the labs, it’s sparking more than just scientific interest. The findings are fueling intellectual property filings and gracing the stages of prestigious scientific meetings. Imagine the energy as breakthroughs are unveiled through posters at the 2023 annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. These revelations showcase enhanced CAR T cell expansion, viral transduction, and potency, all a direct outcome of the AVATAR platform’s prowess. And that’s not where the story ends.

The discoveries, born in the lab, are now taking on real-world validation. Mouse studies are underway, breathing life into the observations and bringing us one step closer to transformative therapies. Dr. James Lim, the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Xcellbio, who spearheads this revolution, emphasizes the significance of these preclinical studies. They’re a stepping stone, a blueprint to ensure the safety and efficacy of therapies that could redefine patient care.

But the narrative doesn’t halt there. This collaboration is a springboard for innovation. Beyond CAR T cells, the partnership has cast its gaze wider, exploring novel cell types that could pave the way for groundbreaking therapies. It’s not just about therapies; it’s about pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Labcorp is taking the lead, harnessing Xcellbio’s AVATAR platform to create potent cell-based assays. The focus? Incorporating the critical factors of the tumor microenvironment for precise insights. And that’s not all – the collaboration extends to the clinical manufacture of therapeutic cells, infused with metabolic reprogramming for enhanced in vivo potency.

Dr. Maryland Franklin, the Vice President and Enterprise Head of Cell and Gene Therapy at Labcorp, encapsulates the spirit of this journey. “Our partnership’s expansion showcases our shared commitment to driving innovation in therapeutic development,” she affirms, a testament to the momentum propelling this groundbreaking collaboration.

Xcell Biosciences and Labcorp’s story isn’t just about science; it’s about reshaping the future of medical possibilities, one breakthrough at a time.

About Xcell Biosciences

“At the Heart of Innovation: Xcellbio’s Unwavering Quest to Elevate Cell and Gene Therapies”

Unveiling a Vision: Within the corridors of Xcellbio, a singular mission beats like a drum – to supercharge the potential of cell and gene therapies. Fuelled by an unwavering commitment, they stand at the forefront of change, armed with a revolutionary tool – the AVATAR platform.

A Symphony of Progress: Imagine a canvas that stretches from the earliest sparks of discovery to the grandeur of GMP manufacture. That’s where the AVATAR platform takes center stage, illuminating every step of the cell therapy journey. But this isn’t just technology; it’s the key to a new chapter in medicine.

Tools of Transformation: Xcellbio’s instruments and software are not mere tools; they’re catalysts of discovery. Driven by the power of artificial intelligence, they unlock windows into immune intricacies and the enigma of tumor biology. It’s not just about data; it’s about uncovering the hidden, deciphering the unknown.

Empowering Insight: Picture researchers delving into a new world, one where they can assess therapy candidates with unprecedented precision. The AVATAR platform opens the door to exploring potency, revealing the true potential of therapies. It’s a journey into uncharted territories of physiological relevance.

Masters of Metabolism: But Xcellbio doesn’t stop at illumination; they venture into transformation. Their expertise in metabolic reprogramming turns cells into warriors, enhancing their function to levels previously unimagined. It’s the magic wand that could redefine patient outcomes.

Within these words lies the essence of Xcellbio’s journey – a relentless drive to amplify the magic within cells, to revolutionize therapies, and to transform the landscape of healthcare.

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