Unlocking the Potential of Cancer Treatment: Predictive Oncology and Cancer Research Horizons Join Forces!

Predictive Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ: POAI) and Cancer Research Horizon, the innovation engine of Cancer Research UK (CRUK), have joined forces to develop next-generation oncology drugs with the help of Predictive Oncology’s PEDAL™ platform. This partnership will bring together the world’s largest private funder of cancer research and the cutting-edge technology of POAI, allowing them to create more effective treatments for cancer.

Predictive Oncology is proud to partner with Cancer Research Horizons to revolutionize the drug discovery process and accelerate the development of cancer therapies. By tapping into the CRUK network and utilizing Cancer Research Horizons’ global network, we can make a meaningful impact on the early stages of drug discovery like never before. This is a groundbreaking development that will have a positive impact on the fight against cancer.

Predictive Oncology and Cancer Research Horizons have joined forces to use PEDAL, a powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning platform, to identify cancer types and patient populations that are most likely to respond to treatment with Glutaminase inhibitors.

PEDAL makes high-confidence drug response predictions, which will increase the chances of clinical success by efficiently tackling tumor heterogeneity during pre-clinical stages. With this advanced technology, the two companies are hoping to revolutionize cancer treatment and bring better outcomes for patients.

At Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Horizons, we are passionate about discovering and advancing therapies that can help in the fight against cancer. We are excited to partner with Predictive Oncology to identify the most suitable population for the further development of our compounds and provide patients with the right treatment for them. Our collaboration is a step forward in providing cancer therapeutics to people not just in the UK or US, but worldwide. We believe this will be a win for patients everywhere.

Cancer Research Horizons has just entered into a groundbreaking agreement with PEDAL – a major industry player in drug discovery – that bridges the gap between non-profit and industry. This agreement includes revenue sharing for compounds developed, and provides the potential for Cancer Research Horizons to incorporate PEDAL into its own drug discovery processes.

With the goal of ultimately benefiting cancer patients, Cancer Research Horizons works hand-in-hand with leading cancer scientists, institutes, and companies to protect, develop, and commercialize oncology-related discoveries.

About Predictive Oncology

Predictive Oncology is revolutionizing the biopharma industry with their state-of-the-art suite of solutions. By combining scientific rigor and machine learning, the company is pushing the boundaries of oncology drug discovery further than ever before.

Predictive Oncology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and the world’s largest privately held biobank of over 150K tumor samples to introduce human diversity into the discovery process earlier than ever before. Their solutions also include tumor models, biologics development, formulation design, a GMP facility, a CLIA laboratory, and a wealth of scientific domain knowledge.

About Cancer Research Horizons

Cancer Research Horizons is the innovation arm of Cancer Research UK – one of the world’s leading charitable funders of cancer research. We bring together an unparalleled combination of world-class minds, bold ideas, and the right partners to bridge the gap between research and bringing new, promising treatments to the market. We focus on the riskier, more profound ideas that can lead to true innovation.

Thanks to Cancer Research UK’s network of 4,000 exceptional researchers and £300+ million of annual research spend, Cancer Research Horizons is in a unique position to support translational funding, licensing and collaboration, spin-out creation, and offer drug discovery and clinical capabilities. We’re dedicated to bringing forward the day when all cancers are conquered, and every penny we make is reinvested to make that dream a reality. To date, we’ve formed over 60 spin-out companies and helped to bring 11 cancer drugs to market!

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