Unlocking the Potential of Cellular Transplant and Therapy: CareDx Highlights Latest Innovations at 2023 Tandem Meetings

CareDx, Inc., a pioneering precision medicine company that is transforming the landscape of healthcare solutions for transplant patients and caregivers, is thrilled to showcase its latest innovations at the 2023 Tandem Meetings |Transplantation & Cellular Therapy Meetings of ASTCT™ and CIBMTR® in Orlando, Florida. Come discover how CareDx is revolutionizing the cellular transplant and therapy ecosystem with its cutting-edge solutions!

At this year’s Tandem Meetings, CareDx is excited to share its advances in cell therapy monitoring solutions and innovative digital health solutions to address the needs of patients and transplant centers. CEO and President Reg Seeto commented, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to demonstrate our cutting-edge solutions and to help improve patient outcomes.”

We are thrilled to collaborate with CareDx on AutoCell! CAR-T cells are quickly becoming a go-to treatment for certain pediatric leukemias, and with precise measurements of CAR-T levels and persistence in patients, we can manage conditions more effectively and detect disease relapse earlier, potentially improving patient outcomes. Dr. Stella Davies, Director of the Division of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Immune Deficiency and Professor at Cincinnati Children’s, couldn’t be more excited.

Data is being showcased, allowing us to explore and uncover new insights. We can use this data to gain knowledge and make informed decisions. Let’s dive in and discover the secrets this data has to offer!

Meet the Author Poster Sessions, Thursday, February 16, 5:45 – 6:45 pm ET

Lily Wong, MS, presents AutoCell™: a revolutionary high-sensitivity solution designed for research use only, that could revolutionize the way autologous CAR-T cell therapy is monitored. With AutoCell™, physicians can gain earlier insight into patient risk levels and stratification, allowing for more effective treatments and better patient outcomes.

Chris Boatner, RN, BSBM, BMTCN, CCRC, CCM, CMCN, and Clinical Analyst at CareDx, is presenting an insightful look into business in the pre- and post-COVID eras. Join him for an exploration of the drastic changes that have occurred since the onset of the pandemic, and gain an understanding of how to navigate the new normal.

CareDx is revolutionizing the transplant journey with its innovative digital health solutions. At our upcoming product theatre, attendees will learn how CareDx is connecting transplant centers, healthcare providers, and patients through its groundbreaking portfolio of tools, helping to provide better care along the entire transplant journey.

CareDx Digital Product Theatre for Transplant Centers and Patients

CareDx is excited to present a comprehensive suite of digital health solutions that can revolutionize the cellular transplant and therapy ecosystem. From workflow management and regulatory reporting to medication management and remote patient monitoring, CareDx has the resources to help providers and patients alike. We invite you to explore the possibilities and join us in our mission to improve healthcare outcomes.

Ottr® Cellular is the perfect transplant center workflow management solution for hematopoietic cellular transplant and cellular therapy centers. Our solution makes managing workflows easier so that you can focus on providing the best possible care for your patients. Enjoy a streamlined and efficient process that saves time and reduces errors.

Simplify your medication regimen and improve your medication adherence with MedActionPlan PRO®: the Transplant Center’s Medication Management Solution. This powerful tool enables you to effectively manage and track your medication, helping you stay on top of your health and get the most out of your transplant experience.

AlloHome® gives healthcare providers the ability to monitor and engage with their patients from anywhere, anytime. With timely interventions and personalized engagement, AlloHome® is revolutionizing remote patient monitoring and providing better outcomes for patients.

AlloCare®, the revolutionary patient mobile health app, helps patients take charge of their own health with the ability to track personal health metrics, test results and manage complex medication regimens. With AlloCare®, you have the power to monitor and manage your own health, giving you the insight and control you need to stay healthy.

About CareDx – The Transplant Company

At CareDx, Inc., we are dedicated to empowering patients and caregivers with precision medicine solutions along the entire transplant journey. Headquartered in Brisbane, California, our innovative services, products, and digital healthcare solutions are designed to provide clinically differentiated, high-value healthcare solutions. We are the leading provider of genomics-based information for transplant patients, and strive to make the process of transplantation easier and more successful.

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