Unlocking the Potential of Radiopharmaceuticals: Orbit Discovery and Evergreen Discovery Join Forces to Uncover New Peptide Targets

Evergreen Discovery and Orbit Discovery Ltd have joined forces to revolutionize the treatment of cancer. Through their innovative collaboration, they are developing radiopharmaceuticals that use cell-targeting peptides to help diagnose and treat cancer.

Their agreement covers a range of activities, from designing peptide libraries and identifying peptide hits to validating their binding properties. This groundbreaking work promises to revolutionize cancer treatment and bring hope to those facing a cancer diagnosis.

The radiopharmaceuticals market is growing rapidly, with the development of a variety of targeting moieties that offer increased specificity, stability and rapid clearance for the delivery of treatments to diseased tissues. Peptides, in particular, have been identified as a valuable option due to their capacity to localise treatments to target tumours with reduced off-target toxicities.

Orbit and Evergreen are joining forces to revolutionize the fight against cancer. By leveraging Orbit’s unique peptide display technologies, they plan to identify peptides that can target malignant tumors.

With the power of in vitro transcription translation from DNA encoded libraries on beads, their Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)-based methodologies can screen huge libraries, significantly increasing throughput over other technologies.

With Orbit’s advanced peptide discovery and Evergreen’s subsequent development of the peptides for clinical use, this collaboration could revolutionize the way cancer is treated.

Dr Thomas Reiner, Chief Scientific Officer of Evergreen Discovery, is thrilled to be collaborating with Orbit Discovery to expand their radiopharmaceutical candidate pipeline. By leveraging Orbit’s chemistry and biology expertise, Evergreen is confident it can accelerate drug development and bring its goals to fruition faster. Reiner emphasised the need for direct screening technologies, which Orbit can provide, to ensure successful drug progression.

Dr Neil Butt, Chief Executive Officer of Orbit Discovery, is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Evergreen Discovery, a leader in the field of radiopharmaceuticals. Through their expertise in manufacturing and Orbit Discovery’s platform, they hope to expedite the development of targeted radiopharmaceuticals and bring them to clinical use.

Their platform has the potential to reduce risk in this therapeutic drug development area due to the higher numbers of compounds that can be screened, resulting in better outcomes.

Orbit Discovery is excited to be attending TIDES in San Diego from May 7th to 8th and the partnering event at BIO International in Boston from June 5th to 8th 2023. Get ready to network, collaborate and discover the latest innovations in the industry that are sure to revolutionise the way you do business. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

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