Unlocking the Power of Precision Medicine: Amador Bioscience Welcomes Dr. Lorin Roskos as CSO and President of Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology

Amador BioSciences is proud to welcome Dr. Lorin Roskos as its new Chief Scientific Officer and President of Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology (QCP). With extensive experience in clinical pharmacology, pharmacometrics, systems pharmacology, and translational medicine, Dr. Roskos is an invaluable asset to the team and a leader in the field.

He will be responsible for overseeing Amador’s full-service CRO capabilities, offering global expertise in translational research and clinical development. We are excited to have him on board and look forward to the contributions he will make to our organization.

Dr. Roskos is a veteran of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, having served in senior executive roles for leading global companies such as Amgen, AstraZeneca, and Exelixis. With over 100 original research articles, reviews, and book chapters to his name, he has made significant contributions to the fields of oncology, respiratory, autoimmune, inflammatory, cardiovascular, renal, metabolic, and infectious diseases. His career has been marked by a commitment to advancing medical research and delivering innovative treatments to those with unmet medical needs.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Roskos to Amador Bioscience as our Chief Scientific Officer and leader of our global Quality Control Program team. His extensive experience in translational sciences and clinical development will be a tremendous asset to our mission of accelerating global drug development and providing patients with improved treatment options. Dr. Bing Wang, our CEO, is delighted to have Dr. Roskos join the Amador team.

Dr. Roskos is excited to join the Amador team of scientists and make a lasting contribution to advancing their clients’ drug development programs. He is looking forward to helping them speed up their journey to market approval. “I’m thrilled to be part of Amador and work closely with their clients,” he said.

Dr. Roskos is a trailblazer in the clinical pharmacology industry, and is now joining Amador as Chief Scientific Officer and President of Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology. She will be inspiring Amador’s scientific leadership and spearheading the development and implementation of its global clinical pharmacology strategy. With her expertise, she will be enhancing the company’s capabilities and paving the way for further growth and success across all of Amador’s business segments.

Amador Bioscience is thrilled to welcome Dr. Roskos to its team, further strengthening its commitment to providing the highest quality translational research and clinical development solutions to biopharmaceutical companies.

With Dr. Roskos’ extensive industry and senior executive experience, Amador Bioscience is well-positioned to become a global leader in the contract research organization space. With this new addition, Amador Bioscience is poised to continue its growth and success.

About Amador Bioscience

At Amador Bioscience, we are revolutionizing the way new drugs are developed. Our global contract research organization (CRO) ensures that clinical trials meet the highest standards of quality and compliance, ensuring your new drug discovery projects can go from pre-clinical research and development to market approval.

We use cutting-edge translational research and clinical development solutions to determine the optimal dose, target, and patient to ensure your drug’s success. Trust us to make your innovative drug breakthroughs a reality.

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