Unlocking the Respiratory Effort Mystery: Nox Medical Secures Patent for Innovative Sleep Study Technology

Nox Medical is revolutionizing the way endophenotypes of sleep-disordered breathing are determined with the recent patent of their innovative Nox RIP technology, allowing for the precise measurement of breathing movements. This breakthrough opens the door for more effective diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

The revolutionary patent US 11,602,282 B2 shows us how information on internal respiratory effort mechanisms can be revealed using signals from Nox respiratory effort bands (RIP). This breakthrough technology is a game-changer for medical providers and sleep scientists, as it enables them to gain insight into the body’s activities during sleep studies without having to resort to invasive methods.

Endotyping is a breakthrough in the diagnosis of sleep apnea that could revolutionize the way the condition is treated. By providing insights into the underlying causes and impacts of sleep apnea in different individuals, endotyping could help guide combination therapies that target specific traits with drugs or devices.

According to Eysteinn Finnsson, research engineer at Nox Medical and co-author of the patent, endotyping is a major advancement in the diagnostic techniques available to clinicians today.

Nox Medical’s diagnostic equipment offers a comprehensive analysis of your sleep with its patented Nox RIP belts, recording your breathing throughout the night, whether you’re sleeping at home or in the lab. With this precise information, you can gain a better understanding of your sleep patterns and make the necessary changes to have a more restful night.

The Nox RIP belts are revolutionary devices that measure the movements of the chest and abdomen with incredible precision. This provides an in-depth look into the volume changes occurring within the chest and abdomen at any given moment. This technology allows for a much more comprehensive understanding of respiratory effort than traditional sleep studies, offering unprecedented insights into your body’s functions.

Nox Medical has been granted a new patent to protect their cutting-edge technology – Nox RIP – which is able to non-invasively determine an internal component of respiratory effort. This patent, which was officially approved on March 14th, 2023, is part of a series of filings to safeguard the company’s intellectual property. With this new patent in hand, Nox Medical continues to revolutionize the healthcare industry with their innovative technology.

Nox Medical, a leader in sleep diagnostics, recently obtained a patent for a method of using sleep data to identify endophenotypes of sleep apnea, which will eventually lead to more tailored and effective treatment options.

Sveinbj√∂rn H√∂skuldsson, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, noted that this breakthrough could revolutionize the way sleep apnea is treated, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and personalized care.

Research has demonstrated that respiratory inductance plethysmography (RIP) signals are one of the most reliable methods to analyze sleep and sleep disorders. Compared to pulse based surrogate sleep signals, RIP signals are not affected by patient variances or cardiac disorders. This makes them a highly reliable and resilient method of measuring sleep.

Nox Medical is thrilled to announce that the US Patent Office has officially recognized the novelty of our groundbreaking Nox RIP technology, which has been under research and development for the past five years.

This recognition serves as a strong acknowledgement of our hard work and provides us with the protection of intellectual property for the fundamental technology that will be incorporated into our future sleep diagnostic products.

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