Unlocking the Secret to Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder: Scientists Discover Genetic Biomarkers That Could Lead To a Lab Test Within 3 Years

The groundbreaking work of researchers from The London Psychiatry Centre (TLPC) could revolutionise the treatment of bipolar spectrum disorder, as they have identified genetic biomarkers which could lead to the development of an accurate lab test for diagnosis. The future of mental health diagnosis is closer than ever, with experts estimating that the test could be available within three years.

In a groundbreaking study published in the Journal of Personalised Medicine, Dr. Andy Zamar and his research team of The London Psychiatry Centre reported surprisingly high pickup rates of a gene mutation biomarker test for bipolar spectrum disorder. Their study compared 199 bipolar spectrum disorder patients to 179 recurrent depression patients, 152 healthy individuals, and up to 357,000 other study controls – ultimately finding a true-positive sensitivity rate of up to 87%.

This discovered mutation is found in the thyroid hormone activation and transportation pathways, taking place both inside and outside of the brain. This breakthrough discovery could become an invaluable tool in diagnosing bipolar spectrum disorder and arms medical practitioners with the ability to start treatment as soon as possible.

Dr Andy Zamar, Medical Director of TLPC, is thrilled with the findings and has taken action by commissioning an independent replication study from King’s College London (KCL). If everything goes according to plan, a lab test for bipolar spectrum disorder could be available in 24-36 months, bringing hope to those affected.

Bipolar spectrum disorder is often misunderstood and often goes undiagnosed for far too long in the UK—on average, it takes 13 years to be diagnosed. Unfortunately, this means patients are often prescribed antidepressants, which can make the condition worse.

Thanks to new research, there is hope that an accurate and speedy diagnostic test for this disorder will be developed, helping to ensure individuals don’t have to live with the negative impacts of misdiagnosis and mistreatment.

TLPC is at the forefront of psychiatry, pioneering revolutionary technologies to revolutionize the field. Its most recent endeavor is a pending patent for the first potential laboratory test for bipolar spectrum disorder.

From rTMS and thyroid hormones to diagnose the disorder, TLPC continues to bring cutting-edge breakthroughs to the UK and Europe, transforming the way we understand and approach bipolar spectrum disorder.

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