Unveiling a New Way to Recruit Senior and Technical Talent in Informatics!

Today marks the launch of 32 Stripes, a revolutionary new recruitment business specialising in solving recruitment problems for senior and technical roles in the informatics sector. Founded by informatics and information systems specialist Zach Harris, 32 Stripes is the perfect solution for businesses seeking to recruit highly-skilled informatics expertise. With a focus on providing the best possible service, 32 Stripes is set to revolutionise the recruitment industry.

Introducing 32 Stripes, the specialist recruitment firm for lab informatics roles such as Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) Project Leads, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, and Implementation Specialists.

Not only do we source candidates across all industry sectors, but our expertise stretches even further – we are also experienced in sourcing senior-level staff to lead complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Digital Customer Relationship Management programmes. Let us help you find the perfect candidate for your organisation.

The digital transformation market is growing exponentially, estimated to reach $1.5 trillion by 2027. To keep up with the pace of this rapid growth, businesses need to hire technology professionals who possess not only hard tech skills but also the business acumen to help drive the organization forward.

32 Stripes is the perfect partner to source these hard-to-find candidates and provide the engagement strategies to ensure their success. With our specialist search tools and networks, we can help you find the perfect person for the job.

With the world’s focus on informatics at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that major skills shortages are being reported in the digital and information technology fields. At [company name], we have an in-depth understanding of the niche informatics systems markets, such as laboratory informatics, allowing us to provide our clients with experienced candidates to help solve their recruitment challenges.

Digital transformation is no longer a mere concept, but an essential part of achieving business growth. With this in mind, the informatics recruitment sector faces the challenge of finding the right people to fill the myriad of key roles that have been created.

To ensure that digital transformation is successful, the informatics industry must focus on both attracting and retaining top talent at all levels, from technical to senior. By doing so, they can ensure that digital initiatives are accelerated and the transformation process is successfully achieved.

At 32 Stripes, we believe in empowering businesses to reach their full potential through the power of informatics leaders. Our team of dedicated professionals has decades of experience in the IT and informatics fields, as well as unparalleled access to key industry networks. We strive to provide the best solutions for any informatics need, allowing businesses to grow and succeed.

Based in London, UK, 32 Stripes is the go-to recruitment agency for talented professionals in the informatics and information systems sectors. With a wide network of contacts across the globe, 32 Stripes can help you find the perfect temporary or permanent role, no matter where you are. Let us help you take the next step in your career.

About 32 Stripes

Stripes is the go-to specialist for global informatics recruitment, with a proven track record of tackling the most difficult recruitment challenges. We provide comprehensive recruitment services for senior and technical roles and are dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit for your team.

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