Unveiling Dreams: Psychemedics Corporation Empowers with Inducement Grants – A Glimpse into August 18, 2023

With the tenacious energy of a decade-long journey, these options offer an exciting path forward, each bearing an exercise price of $4.65 per share, mirroring the closing price per share of Psychemedics Corporation common stock as witnessed on Nasdaq’s trading floor on that very same August day. The allure of these options unfolds in three captivating tranches.

The first, a dance of anticipation, sees option awards for up to 100,000 shares gracefully vesting over two years. A symphony of progression, the original share count dances its way to 50% vested on the first anniversary, with the remaining 50% elegantly stepping into the light on the second anniversary—each movement a testament to Mr. Hullinger’s steadfast dedication to the company’s journey.

In the heart of cutting-edge innovation lies Psychemedics Corporation, a beacon of excellence in the realm of drug testing. Picture this: a world where hair holds secrets, where each strand tells a story of substance. At the forefront of this revelation stands Psychemedics, proudly wearing the crown of the world’s foremost provider of hair testing for the detection of drugs of abuse.

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