Unveiling Progress: BioInvent’s Exciting Mid-Year Update for 2023

Breaking Boundaries in Cancer Treatment: A Glimpse into BioInvent’s Triumphs

LUND, SWEDEN / ACCESSWIRE / August 30, 2023 / Brace for Impact: BioInvent International (STO:BINV) is rewriting the script of medical possibilities. In this riveting quarter, a revelation of remarkable proportions graces the stage. Early signals of efficacy have emerged from the Phase 1/2 trial of BI-1206, the trailblazing anti-FcgRIIB antibody, in tandem with rituximab.

The stage is set, with a fourth complete response painting a vivid picture of hope in the fight against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL). The words of Martin Welschof, CEO of BioInvent, echo like a symphony of triumph in the world of healthcare innovation.


Unveiling Triumphs: BioInvent’s Remarkable Mid-Year Showcase

Hold onto your seats as we dive into a world of breakthroughs and game-changing innovations brought to life by BioInvent International. The stage is set for a symphony of achievements that are reshaping the landscape of medical possibilities:

• The resounding crescendo of progress: In the Phase 1/2 trial featuring the trailblazing BI-1206, a fourth complete response reverberates in the fight against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, marking a triumph in the battle against this challenging disease.

• Empowering leadership: The team received a dynamic boost with the appointment of Ingunn Munch Lindvig as Senior Vice President Regulatory Affairs, fortifying the foundation for groundbreaking future strides.

• Illuminating breakthroughs: An alliance with Transgene led to the revelation of positive Phase 1a data for oncolytic virus BT-001, illuminating new pathways in the quest to conquer solid tumors.

• Embarking on new horizons: The green light to proceed has been granted with IND approval for the clinical trial featuring anti-TNFR2 antibody BI-1910, opening doors to pioneering treatments.

• A continuation of success: Additional efficacy data emerged from the Phase 1/2 trial with BI-1206, igniting excitement for the future of solid tumor treatments.

• A spotlight on the global stage: The 17th International Conference of Malignant Lymphoma 2023 became the canvas for the abstract presentation of BI-1206, showcasing its potential to change lives.

• The symphony of hope: In the Phase 1/2a trial featuring anti-TNFR2 antibody BI-1808, strong interim safety data and early signs of efficacy resonate, lighting a beacon of progress in the realm of advanced malignancies.

BioInvent International’s journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring. These accomplishments are a testament to their unyielding commitment to rewriting the rules, propelling medical innovation to new heights.


Unveiling the Path to Progress: BI-1607 Study’s Trail of Triumph

Buckle up for a journey into the heart of groundbreaking research as BioInvent International shares its latest triumphs. In the realm of medical advancement, every step matters, and the journey of BI-1607 study has been nothing short of remarkable:

• Scaling New Heights: The dose-escalation phase of the BI-1607 study has concluded with resounding success, paving the way for a future of hope and possibilities. Safety concerns have been left in the rearview mirror as the study continues to rewrite the rules of medical exploration.

• A Symphony of Care: As the exploratory work takes us through intermediate dose levels, a world of potential unfolds. Every step is a testament to BioInvent’s dedication to finding the perfect dose, a dose that holds the key to unlocking transformative medical breakthroughs.

(R)= Opening New Chapters: Regulatory events mark the intersection of innovation and regulation. These events are milestones that signify a journey of promise and potential, a journey that BioInvent International continues to navigate with unwavering commitment.

Join us on this journey of discovery and potential, where every step brings us closer to a future where medical innovation knows no bounds.


Unveiling the Financial Journey: A Snapshot of Q2 2023’s Remarkable Story

Step into a world of numbers that tell tales of resilience, transformation, and unwavering commitment. As the second quarter of 2023 unfolds, a symphony of financial progress takes center stage, painting a picture of innovation and growth:

• A New Rhythm: Net sales take a new tune, ringing in at SEK 13.1 million, a vibrant shift from the past. This melody signifies the evolving landscape and the company’s adaptability in the face of change.

• Stories in Numbers: The profit/loss after tax unveils a narrative of challenges met head-on. At SEK -88.3 million, this chapter speaks of hurdles, but also the perseverance that propels the company forward.

• Echoes of Transformation: Every profit/loss after tax per share before and after dilution at SEK -1.34 tells a story of resilience and determination. It’s a tale of adaptation in the face of uncertainty.

• Dancing with Cash Flows: Operating activities flow like a river, bearing witness to SEK -84.1 million in Q2. This rhythm is a testament to the financial dynamics, reflecting the ebb and flow of innovation.

Stepping back, we venture into the realm of the year’s journey as a whole:

• Turning the Pages: Net sales for January – June 2023 crescendo at SEK 29.3 million, marking a transformation from the past. Each digit is a testament to the evolving landscape and the company’s adaptability.

• The Story Unfolds: Profit/loss after tax for the same period tells a tale of challenges met head-on, with SEK -162.1 million as the chapter’s signature. This narrative is a testament to the journey’s ups and downs.

• The Tale in Numbers: The profit/loss after tax per share before and after dilution echoes with determination, speaking volumes at SEK -2.47. It’s a saga of resilience, a story of facing challenges head-on.

• A Dance of Finances: Cash flow from operating activities, like a river, bears witness to SEK -163.1 million in January – June 2023. This rhythm is a reflection of the company’s financial journey, navigating challenges while pushing forward.

• The Treasure Chest: As of June 30, 2023, the liquid funds, current and long-term investments stand tall at SEK 1,461.7 million, a testament to the company’s stability and financial fortitude.

In this financial symphony, each number becomes a note, every figure a brushstroke in a masterpiece that tells the story of growth, transformation, and a commitment to progress.

About BioInvent

Unveiling BioInvent International AB: Pioneering a New Era in Cancer Therapy

Step into the world of innovation and transformative breakthroughs, where BioInvent International AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: BINV) reigns as a beacon of hope. This clinical-stage biotech powerhouse is redefining cancer therapy through the creation of novel, groundbreaking immuno-modulatory antibodies.

With four pioneering drug candidates taking center stage across five ongoing Phase 1/2 clinical programs, BioInvent is on the cusp of rewriting the rules in the realm of hematological cancer and solid tumors treatment. The canvas of innovation is broad, where the Company’s proprietary F.I.R.S.T™ technology platform paints a picture of discovery, unveiling both targets and the antibodies that hold the promise of transformative outcomes.

Fueling Hope: BioInvent’s commitment goes beyond innovation; it’s a lifeline for patients around the world. The clinical development pipeline is rich, with a spectrum of potential breakthroughs that hold the potential to change the lives of those battling cancer.

The Symphony of Collaboration: Revenue streams flow from research collaborations and license agreements with the titans of pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, BioInvent’s fully integrated manufacturing unit produces antibodies for third parties, carving a path of sustainability and growth.

A Journey of Possibilities: At BioInvent, each discovery is a step toward a brighter future. The canvas of cancer therapy is being reimagined, and the brushstrokes of innovation are painting a portrait of hope, transformation, and a relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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