Unveiling the Future: Enzymit’s Deep Learning Paves the Way for Uncharted Biocatalysis Frontiers

“In a Stunning Leap, AI Breaks Ground in Enzyme Revolution, Sparking a New Era of Bioproduction”

NESS ZIONA, Israel, Aug. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Enzymit, the visionary force in cutting-edge biochemical solutions, is sending shockwaves through the scientific community with a groundbreaking revelation. A dazzling study, freshly unveiled on bioRxiv, is shaking the foundations of enzyme design and igniting an era of limitless possibilities for cell-free bioproduction across industries.

Enter the stage: Enzymit’s deep learning-powered technology—a marvel poised to rewrite the rules of the enzyme universe. Amid the symphony of innovation, the spotlight falls on their visionary CEO, Gideon Lapidoth, PhD, who unveils the truth: the shackles confining artificial enzymes to the lab are now shattered. The limitations that have tethered their potential have met their match—artificial intelligence.

“The intricacies of these artificial enzymes have long posed puzzles, restricting their practical applications. The realm of novel enzymes has eluded us, plagued by their enigmatic nature,” asserts Lapidoth, his voice resonating with conviction. “Today, AI rewrites our narrative, an ode to untapped potential.”

The study, a magnum opus titled “Context-Dependent Design of Induced-fit Enzymes using Deep Learning Generates Well Expressed, Thermally Stable and Active Enzymes,” thrusts open doors previously deemed locked. With the dawn of CoSaNN (Conformation Sampling using Neural Network) and the brilliance of SolvIT, a new dawn emerges. CoSaNN paints the future with neural brushstrokes, reshaping enzymes and their potential. A symphony of conformations dance into existence, birthing chemical reactions that defy norms. SolvIT, the oracle of protein solubility, adds its melody, orchestrating a symphony of optimized enzyme expression within E. coli.

These virtuoso tools combine to weave a tale of triumph. Behold, new enzymes—the paragons of thermal stability, the champions of expression—rise from the ashes of convention. E. coli bows in homage, as 54% of designs step from imagination to reality. Among them, 30% wear the crown of enhanced thermal endurance, surpassing their predecessors.

The eloquent Prof. Joseph Jacobson, a sage on Enzymit’s board, weighs in: “AI, the maestro behind this revolution, doesn’t merely redesign enzymes. It captures their essence, their very soul, and fashions stability on a grand scale. What we hold today is not just enzymes—it’s the key to a new industrial symphony, playing notes of cost-effectiveness and boundless innovation.”

The curtain rises, the spotlight shines—a new act in enzyme evolution is here, inscribed in AI’s indelible ink. The script flips, the world watches. Enzymit’s AI-driven crescendo is upon us, heralding a tomorrow where enzymes are more than molecules—they’re the architects of change.

About Enzymit

Enzymit sparks a bio-revolution through their groundbreaking cell-free production platform. Imagine a world where bioproduction becomes a swift symphony of innovation, simplicity, and sustainability. Unveiling a tapestry woven with intricate computational design and the artistry of deep learning algorithms, Enzymit introduces a league of extraordinary enzymes, poised to reshape reality.

With resilience forged in the digital crucible, these enzymes shatter limitations, embracing searing heat and unfaltering endurance. A ballet of science and nature unfolds as Enzymit’s creations labor tirelessly, crafting novel molecules with an efficiency that dances hand in hand with our planet’s well-being. Founded in 2020 by visionaries who melded computational prowess, bioengineering mastery, and the secrets of molecular biology, Enzymit’s epicenter of innovation resides in Ness Ziona, Israel—an oasis of transformative potential.

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