Unveiling the Next Generation of Cancer Immunotherapy: Medigene AG to Present Expitope 3.0 at 20th CIMT Annual Meeting

Medigene AG, a leader in the field of immuno-oncology, will be sharing its latest breakthroughs in T cell immunotherapy for solid tumors at the 20th Association for Cancer Immunotherapy (CIMT) annual meeting from May 3-5, 2023, in Mainz. Come and join us to explore the potential of this cutting-edge technology and be part of the journey to breakthrough cancer treatments!

Presenting Expitope 3.0 – an innovative in silico tool for identifying immunogenic epitopes that can be targeted by T cell receptors. Learn how this tool can compare the expression of epitopes in various healthy tissues to predict potential cross-reactivity and off-target toxicity. Join us for an engaging poster and oral presentation about this groundbreaking technology!

About Medigene

Medigene AG (FSE: MDG1) is a pioneering immuno-oncology platform company that is revolutionizing the fight against cancer with its groundbreaking T cell therapies.

By leveraging its end-to-end technology platform, which incorporates multiple proprietary product development and product enhancement technologies, Medigene is able to create safe, effective and highly differentiated T cell receptor engineered T cell (TCR-T) therapies for a range of solid tumors. This platform is powering the company’s in-house therapeutics pipeline and partnering initiatives, to bring life-saving treatments to those in need.

About Medigene’s End-To-End Platform

Medigene is revolutionizing the fight against cancer with its cutting-edge immunotherapies, which activate the patient’s own defense mechanisms by harnessing T cells. This comprehensive end-to-end platform harnesses exclusive and proprietary technologies to create best-in-class TCR-T therapies, including PD1-41BB Switch Receptor, Precision Pairing and Allogeneic-HLA (Allo-HLA) TCR Priming.

Partnerships with BioNTech, 2seventy bio, and Hongsheng Sciences further confirm the platform’s innovative assets and technologies, providing a powerful new weapon in the war against cancer.

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