Unveiling the Potential of ProtoKinetix AAGP®: A Research Paper Submitted to a Scientific Journal for Publication

ProtoKinetix, Incorporated, a clinical-stage biomedical company with a mission to develop a cure for Type-1 Diabetes, is delighted to announce the submission of a groundbreaking research paper to Cell Stem Cell journal, a peer-reviewed publication from Cell Press.

The paper discusses the proposed procedure for patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) differentiation into islet-like cells and its potential to treat and eventually cure Type-1 Diabetes. This research offers exciting insight and hope for those living with the condition.

The groundbreaking team of researchers, led by Dr. James Shapiro MD, PhD, FRCSC, MSM FCAHS, are on the cutting edge of optimizing stem cell-derived islet transplantation. Dr. Shapiro is the Director of Clinical Islet, Liver Transplant and Living Donor Liver Transplant Programs, Canada Research Chair in Transplant Surgery and Regenerative Medicine, Professor of Surgery, Medicine and Surgical Oncology, University of Alberta. The collaborative team have already yielded remarkable results, and the work is ongoing to continue to improve on the field.

Researchers have recently unveiled a ground-breaking preprint- “Cell Characterization, Graft Evaluation, and Yield of Islet-Like Cells Differentiated From Patient-Derived iPSCs”- which presents a revolutionary approach to personalizing islet cell therapy for diabetes patients. By extracting a patient’s own blood and creating induced pluripotent stem cells, the team from the Shapiro lab was able to optimize their protocol for developing these cells into insulin-producing islet cells that can be transplanted back into the patient- all without the need for immunosuppression. This system promises to revolutionize diabetes care, allowing for personalized treatments with lasting results.

PKX-001 (AAGP®), developed in collaboration with Dr. James Shapiro’s lab, has revolutionized islet generation from stem cells. The addition of AAGP® to these protocols dramatically increased yields and slashed costs of stem cell-derived islet products – all without compromising quality. Further research into suspension formats with AAGP® promises to make it possible to massively scale products for clinical applications.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

At ProtoKinetix, we are providing a glimpse into our future plans and operations through the discussion of forward-looking statements. This includes projected capital expenditures, cash flow, borrowing strategies, the search for potential acquisitions, and our overall financial position, business strategy, and expectations.

While we are confident that these expectations are reasonable, these statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve certain risks and uncertainties. We encourage our investors to review our risk factors as stated in our reports filed on Edgar. At ProtoKinetix, we are continuously striving to stay ahead of the curve and are constantly updating our forward-looking statement as our plans evolve.

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