Unveiling the Unseen: Rune Labs and Aspen Neuroscience Join Forces to Decode Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms for Groundbreaking Trial Screening

“Unlocking Insights: Rune Labs and Aspen Neuroscience Unite to Pioneer Breakthrough Parkinson’s Research”

SAN FRANCISCO—In a remarkable convergence of innovation, Rune Labs and Aspen Neuroscience are embarking on a journey that could reshape the way we understand Parkinson’s Disease.

A Digital Symphony of Discovery: Rune Labs, a trailblazer in precision neurology software, and Aspen Neuroscience, a torchbearer in autologous cell therapy, have forged an alliance that promises to push the boundaries of Parkinson’s research. At the heart of this partnership lies Rune Labs’ StriveStudy clinical development platform – a revolutionary tool that’s set to transform the landscape of clinical trials.

Real-Time Insight, Remotely: Imagine a world where patient data isn’t just collected; it’s harnessed in real time. Rune Labs’ StriveStudy platform is the bridge that connects researchers to a wealth of longitudinal patient data, all at their fingertips. This digital health technology isn’t just a tool; it’s a new lens through which we can decode the intricate nuances of Parkinson’s.

The Canvas of Collaboration: Aspen Neuroscience’s vision of personalized cell therapy meets Rune Labs’ cutting-edge technology in an unprecedented collaboration. This partnership isn’t just about research; it’s about redefining possibilities. The spotlight falls on Aspen’s non-interventional Trial-Ready Cohort Screening Study – a canvas where Rune Labs’ platform will capture a holistic view of the disease.

Unraveling the Parkinson’s Enigma: The ultimate destination of this partnership? The Phase 1/2a clinical trial that seeks to evaluate Aspen’s personalized cell therapy candidate, ANPD001. With the power of StriveStudy, researchers will delve into the world of moderate to severe Parkinson’s Disease, unraveling its complexities and unearthing insights that could change lives.

A Symphony of Discovery: Rune Labs and Aspen Neuroscience aren’t just collaborators; they’re trailblazers. Their journey is a symphony of innovation, driven by a shared commitment to rewrite the story of Parkinson’s. As the StriveStudy platform collects data and researchers dive deep, the future of Parkinson’s research is poised to emerge brighter and more enlightening than ever before.

“Unveiling the Power of Data: Rune Labs and Aspen Neuroscience Revolutionize Parkinson’s Research”

Elevating Insight: A new era in Parkinson’s research has dawned, as Rune Labs and Aspen Neuroscience embark on an audacious mission to gather real-time, comprehensive data like never before.

The Data Symphony: Brian Pepin, the visionary CEO of Rune Labs, encapsulates the partnership’s essence: “Our collaboration with Aspen ushers in a new era of understanding disease. By gathering objective, continuous data over time, we transcend traditional clinical visits, capturing the holistic journey of each participant.” This transformational approach aligns with Aspen’s foresight in recognizing the power of high-frequency data collection – a game-changer made possible by Rune Labs’ low-burden technology.

Empowering Precision: The stage is set for a game-changing act. StriveStudy, Rune Labs’ FDA-cleared platform, teams up with Aspen to remotely gather data from the frontlines of Parkinson’s. With the Apple Watch as the conduit, StrivePD comes to life, weaving a tapestry of patient insights. From symptom data to daily activities, medication tracking, and beyond – a symphony of real-time, personalized data emerges.

A Vision Fulfilled: For Damien McDevitt, Aspen’s CEO and President, the partnership signals a turning point. “As we craft our personalized cell therapy, real-time, long-term patient data from StriveStudy fuels our journey. It’s about understanding our patients in their entirety – a crucial step before we embark on our Phase 1/2a clinical trial. The transformative potential of this treatment for Parkinson’s patients is immense.”

Changing the Game: Rune Labs’ StriveStudy isn’t just a tool; it’s a movement. Biopharmaceutical companies dedicated to movement disorders can now harness its power to unlock insights that could redefine the course of medicine.

In this unfolding saga, Rune Labs and Aspen Neuroscience aren’t just collaborators; they’re architects of change. As they harness the symphony of data, a future enriched by insights and possibilities beckons, promising hope and transformation for Parkinson’s patients worldwide.

About Rune Labs

“Unlocking Neurology’s Potential: Rune Labs Ignites a Revolution in Parkinson’s Care and Therapy”

Shaping the Future: In the heart of the evolving landscape of neurology, Rune Labs stands as a visionary force, pioneering a new era of precision care and therapy advancement.

A Symphony of Innovation: Rune Labs isn’t just a company; it’s a beacon of transformation. At its core lies StrivePD – a dynamic ecosystem that’s reshaping Parkinson’s care. This ingenious platform unites patients and clinicians, orchestrating a seamless flow of data that empowers better management of Parkinson’s disease. Curated dashboards provide snapshots of patient insights, while a bridge to clinical trials connects patients to groundbreaking opportunities.

Catalysts of Change: Beyond care delivery, Rune Labs has ignited a revolution in therapeutic development. In a realm where biopharma and medical device companies seek to expedite progress, Rune Labs offers more than technology. It’s a nexus of innovation, where technology, clinicians, patients, and data converge to catalyze development programs.

A Tapestry of Partnerships: The journey is illuminated by a constellation of influential investors – Eclipse Ventures, DigiTx, TruVenturo, and Moment Ventures. These trailblazing backers recognize the power of Rune Labs’ vision and its potential to reshape the future of neurology.

Redefining Limits: Rune Labs isn’t just a company; it’s a movement that’s challenging the boundaries of neurology. With every data point, every connection made, and every breakthrough achieved, the future of care and therapy becomes more promising. In the intricate tapestry of neurology, Rune Labs is weaving a story of hope, transformation, and empowerment.

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