Urgent Call to Action: Reversal Needed on New Jersey’s Anti-Science “Equity Code” as Medical Experts Speak Out

TUCSON, Ariz., Aug. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sparks fly as the battleground over education equity intensifies. In a razor-thin vote of 6 to 5 on August 2, 2023, the New Jersey Board of Education (NJBOE) threw its support behind controversial amendments under the banner of “Equity in Education.” Now, a resounding call to action from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) shakes the foundation, urging an immediate about-face on these changes.

The temperature rises as AAPS draws a line in the sand, highlighting a pivotal concern from the heart of the amendments. “Reinventing the wheel,” they proclaim, as the approved amendments dare to redefine even the bedrock terms of “male” and “female.” But here’s the twist – the stage isn’t set on scientific grounds, but rather on the shifting sands of sociological thought and political sway, AAPS contends.

Beneath the surface, a storm brews. The risk looms large, as AAPS points a steady finger at the possibility of a downward spiral. The fate of innocent minds hangs in the balance, caught in a tug of war between unproven treatments and scientific skepticism. AAPS sounds the alarm, warning of a perilous path where children might be coerced into life-altering decisions, their long-term safety and effectiveness hanging by a thread of evidence.

With a cache of investigations, studies, and reports, AAPS storms the gates of NJBOE. In the arsenal are revelations about informed consent, the shadowy aftermath of puberty blockers, and the questionable efficacy of radical surgeries aimed at untangling gender confusion. Yet, amid the chaos, glimmers of hope arise. AAPS weaves a tapestry of alternatives, threads of assistance for the children grappling with these very questions.

But the plot thickens. Enter a global twist. From Finland to England, a chorus of concerns crescendo. Public health authorities in these nations hit the brakes on similar interventions, ringing alarm bells about safety, ethics, and effectiveness.

As the dust settles, another chapter unfolds. The saga spreads its wings to encompass a separate quandary in New Jersey. An issue of transparency takes center stage, as AAPS raises its voice against policies that muzzle schools from informing parents about their child’s gender confusion. In their eyes, no secrets should shroud the realm of medical and mental well-being.

With a flourish, the closing act arrives. AAPS waves the banner of unity and calls for celebration. Amidst the chaos, they propose a radical notion – a step away from the very ideals that birthed the equity code. In this climax of thought, the real diversity lies in embracing our differences.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) takes the stage, embodying their motto “omnia pro aegroto” (everything for the patient) since 1943. The curtain falls on a charged debate, leaving echoes of change and uncertainty in the air.

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