Uttroside B: BioMed Inc. Receives Patent for Powerful Chemotherapeutic, Europe Allowance Notice Following Closely Behind

Q Biomed Inc. (OTCQB: QBIO) is thrilled to announce that their asset Uttroside B has been granted a patent in the United States and a notice of allowance in Europe, in addition to previously issued patents in Korea, Canada, and Japan.

Pre-clinical pharmacokinetic testing has yielded positive results, which provides further support for advancing this program. Uttroside B holds great promise in the Liver Cancer Market and has been awarded Orphan Drug designation from the FDA.

This year, the American Cancer Society estimates that 42,000 adults in the United States will be diagnosed with primary liver cancer, with 30,000 resulting deaths. Although the grim outlook has improved over the years – the 5-year survival rate is now 20%, compared to just 3% 40 years ago – there is still much demand for better therapeutic alternatives.

Fortunately, Q BioMed has exclusive rights to a technology that could provide hope, through an agreement with the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. For those lucky enough to be diagnosed with liver cancer at an early stage, the 5-year survival rate is a more encouraging 34%.

The company is committed to not only protecting its IP portfolio, but also leveraging strategic opportunities to maximize value for its shareholders. By exploring and actively pursuing these avenues, the company is determined to create a lasting and profitable impact for all of its stakeholders.

Denis Corin, CEO of QBioMed Inc., has expressed his commitment to the company’s pipeline and its potential for value creation. In order to maximize returns for shareholders in this challenging market, the company is exploring a variety of strategic opportunities, such as financing, mergers, and joint ventures or asset sales. With the help of bankers and funding partners, QBioMed Inc. is poised to make the most of its assets.

Our company has recently acquired an incredible non-opioid cancer pain palliation asset that is both effective and non-opiate, potentially saving hospitals millions of dollars in economic outcome improvements. Moreover, our liver cancer chemotherapeutic has been granted US orphan drug status, multiple international patents, and most recently a patent in the United States.

We plan to advance this asset into the clinic in a non-US country, where we can benefit from a 43% cash rebate and the US dollar strength, allowing us to complete the clinical phase at 50% of the typical cost and potentially in a shorter timeframe.

Our research has already revealed the impressive potency of Uttroside-B against liver cancer cells, and we anticipate that this valuable drug candidate could make a considerable impact on the liver cancer market, which currently has few therapeutics for its growing patient population.

The company is committed to unlocking the immense potential of their assets and delivering value to their shareholders, who have made these promising therapeutics possible. They are determined to find a way to accurately reflect the true value of their assets and make a positive difference in the lives of people around the world.

QBIO’s corporate activities have been building value, but its stock performance has been dismal. This is due to several factors, including its cap and debt structure, the macro-market uncertainty, and the biotech market capitulation.

Compounding matters is the fact that the current microcap and biotech funding climate makes raising capital difficult, and the company has been unable to keep up with the expense of public company operations and professional fees. QBIO is working to remedy the situation and get their annual report filed as soon as possible.

About Q BioMed Inc.

Q BioMed Inc is a biotech acceleration and commercial stage company on a mission to identify and develop undervalued biomedical assets in the healthcare sector. Our goal is to provide these target assets with the strategic resources, developmental support, and expansion capital they need to reach their highest potential and help bring life-changing products to those in need. We are committed to making a positive and lasting impact in the world of healthcare.

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