Valneva Unveils Exciting News: Extending Current Loan Agreement for Continued Growth!

Up to an additional $100 million made available in two tranches

Fueling Innovation from Saint-Herblain, France, August 17, 2023: Valneva SE (Nasdaq: VALN; Euronext Paris: VLA), a trailblazing specialty vaccine powerhouse, has just unleashed a groundbreaking agreement. Prepare for a dynamic dance of financial prowess as Valneva partners with leading U.S. healthcare visionaries, Deerfield Management Company and OrbiMed, to amplify the resonance of its existing $100 million senior secured debt financing.

Innovation’s Maestro Speaks: Listen closely to the resounding words of Peter Bühler, the virtuoso Chief Financial Officer at Valneva. He echoes a melody of gratitude, extending a heartfelt ovation to the unwavering support of Deerfield and OrbiMed. Together, they form a symphony of empowerment as Valneva embarks on the breathtaking journey of unveiling its chikungunya vaccine candidate.

Picture this: the interest rate remains an unwavering anchor, holding steady amidst the whirlwind of change. The original loan agreement, a masterpiece penned in February 20201, embarked on a transformative journey. With the dawn of January 20212, amendments scripted a new melody. And then, in the symphony of April 20223, a crescendo echoed as the agreement embraced upsizing, painting a portrait of evolution.

About Deerfield

Imagine a tapestry of connections woven across the vast healthcare landscape—a symphony where people, capital, ideas, and technology unite in an awe-inspiring dance. A dance not just in the shadows, but under the spotlight of boldness, collaboration, and inclusivity.

About OrbiMed

Imagine a world where investment is a force of transformation, where borders blur as capital surges across the global healthcare landscape. OrbiMed orchestrates this symphony, from the dawn of start-ups to the giants of multinational corporations. Their arsenal includes private equity funds, public equity funds, and royalty/credit funds—a multifaceted dance of financial brilliance.

About Valneva SE

Our approach isn’t just a formula; it’s a symphony of precision. We set our sights on the uncharted, on the medical needs that yearn for solutions. Our compass guides us through the intricate terrain of vaccine science, bolstered by a mosaic of expertise spanning various vaccine modalities. With every discovery, we inch closer to reshaping what’s deemed “unpreventable.”

Forward-Looking Statements

Let this proclamation stand as a testament: our intentions are noble, our efforts resolute. However, the realm of science is a voyage into the unknown, where outcomes are painted with brushstrokes of uncertainty. Valneva, a sentinel of truth, shares this tale as of today, yet shrouds itself from the bounds of predictions. As the melody of time progresses, the symphony of our endeavors will continue to echo, notes of evolution and change carried on the winds of progress.

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