Valo Therapeutics and Texcell Team Up to Unlock the Power of Immune Response with PeptiCRAd-1 Clinical Study

Valo Therapeutics Oy (ValoTx) is thrilled to collaborate with global contract research organization Texcell to investigate immune responses to its revolutionary PeptiCRAd-1 cancer therapy in its Phase 1 clinical trial. By combining a tumor-specific adenovirus with immunogenic tumor peptides, ValoTx’s PeptiCRAd-1 is designed to generate tumor-specific, cytotoxic T-cells that can locate and destroy cancer cells. This cutting-edge therapy has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment, and ValoTx is excited to explore this exciting advance in immunotherapy.

The PeptiCRAd-1 plus checkpoint inhibitor (CPI) pembrolizumab combination therapy has been chosen for an open-label, non-randomized, multi-center study being conducted across Germany with up to 15 patients. The study will evaluate the safety and immunological mechanism of action of this combination therapy in various cancer types, as well as provide early indications of its clinical activity. Moreover, the collaboration with Texcell will yield valuable insight into the immune-modulating potential of PeptiCRAd-1, and the action of VALO-D102.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Texcell in our newest study! This collaboration will allow us to unlock the full potential of our oncolytic adenovirus VALO-D102, by directing the immune responses towards specific cancer antigens for improved tumor-specific T-cell responses in cancer patients. Our data uncovered through this collaboration will provide valuable insights into the immunological mechanisms of action of PeptiCRAd-1, as we strive to revolutionize immunotherapy to be more effective than ever. Dr. Sari Pesonen, CSO of ValoTx, expressed his enthusiasm on this collaboration.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Valo Therapeutics! With over three decades of specialized immunology knowledge, we, at Texcell, are dedicated to providing top-notch services to demonstrate the potential of ValoTx’s modern therapeutic offerings. This union marks an extraordinary progress for us, the medical industry, and cancer patients alike.

About ValoTx

Valo Therapeutics Oy (Helsinki) is revolutionizing cancer immunotherapy with their PeptiCRAd platform, derived from the lab of Professor Vincenzo Cerullo at the University of Helsinki. PeptiCRAd-1 is the company’s lead product, created by coating oncolytic adenoviruses with MAGE-A3 and NY-ESO-1 peptides.

This powerful T-cell activator offers a promising way to combat cancer with the generation of multiple genetically modified viruses. Valo Therapeutics is also exploring other neoantigen approaches to enhance their therapeutic vaccine offering and fight against cancer.

About Texcell

Texcell is a world-leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to providing reliable, compliant services to biotherapeutic and medical device companies, since 1987. With bases in France, USA, Germany, China, Taiwan, and Japan, Texcell Group offers viral clearance, cell banking, biosafety testing, and immunoprofiling services to its customers, all carried out under strict GLP and GMP standards. From preclinical trials to commercialization, our comprehensive in-house in vivo, in vitro, toxicology, immunotoxicity and immunogenicity testing, in addition to cGMP cell banking and virus stock preparation provides customers absolute confidence in their products’ safety.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, Texcell has strengthened its activities to face the growing demand for tests related to Covid19, like hydro-alcoholic gels testing, drug candidate testing, patient serum testing, device testing etc.

We are excited to be improving the quality of life for people everywhere through our innovative tests and protocols in molecular biology and immunology. Our dedicated team is passionate about exploring new possibilities and advancing research towards a better future. Join us in our mission to bring lasting, positive change to the world.

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