Vaxxas Wins $3.67 Million Boost from Wellcome Foundation to Revolutionize Typhoid Vaccination with Needle-Free Patch!

Breaking Boundaries: Vaxxas Joins Forces with Wellcome and SK Bioscience to Supercharge Typhoid Vaccination!

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Vaxxas, the trailblazing biotech company behind an innovative vaccination platform, has just received a monumental boost. The global charitable force known as the Wellcome foundation is injecting a staggering $3.67 million (that’s AU$5.4 million or GB£2.84 million) into Vaxxas to propel their mission to revolutionize typhoid vaccination. And they’re not taking this journey alone – they’re teaming up with the vaccine development powerhouse, SK Bioscience.

Hold onto your seats, because this dynamic duo’s project is set to rewrite the future of typhoid prevention. Imagine a typhoid vaccine that doesn’t require needles, delivered by Vaxxas’ own high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP) technology. This means no more intimidating needles, no need for a skilled healthcare provider to administer it – it could even open the doors to self-administration! The best part? The vaccine stays stable in warmer temperatures, which could be a game-changer for regions where cold-chain storage is a challenge.

But that’s not all. This collaboration is set to crush barriers and make waves for global health equity. Typhoid fever, a deadly infection that affects millions each year, often hits hardest in lower income countries where water quality is compromised. With this innovative approach, Vaxxas and its partners are aiming to make life-saving vaccinations more accessible to those who need them most.

Pierre Balard, Senior Research Manager at Wellcome, sums it up: “Vaxxas’ high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP) is an important step in this direction.” And we couldn’t agree more. Vaxxas’ HD-MAP tech isn’t just about typhoid – it’s a stepping stone to redefining how we tackle diseases. This isn’t just a vaccination effort; it’s a mission to reshape global health.

David L. Hoey, President and CEO of Vaxxas, is fired up: “We believe our HD-MAP can play a critical role in extending the global reach of typhoid conjugate vaccines, and make a significant difference to the lives of many.” Imagine a world where vaccines become more accessible, more effective, and more user-friendly – all thanks to innovation like this.

SK Bioscience is no stranger to impactful vaccines. From flu to chickenpox, they’ve been at the forefront. And with their SKYTyphoid™ vaccine, they’re taking a leap into the future. They’ve conquered the challenge of thermostability and single-dose administration, which could change the game for infants as young as six months.

Jaeyong Ahn, CEO of SK Bioscience, adds his perspective: “This collaboration with Vaxxas provides an opportunity to overcome those challenges.” Challenges are turning into opportunities, barriers into breakthroughs, and vaccines into vehicles of hope.

So, here’s to innovation, to collaboration, and to a future where diseases like typhoid are no longer a global threat. Vaxxas, Wellcome, and SK Bioscience are showing us that when brilliant minds come together, the possibilities are endless. Get ready – the future of vaccination just got a whole lot brighter!

About Vaxxas

Unleashing the Future of Vaccines: Meet Vaxxas, the Biotech Powerhouse

Prepare to be amazed by Vaxxas, a visionary biotech company on a mission to turbocharge vaccines using their top-secret weapon: the high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP). Imagine vaccines that don’t just work, but work even better. That’s the magic Vaxxas is bringing to the table, with their sights set on revolutionizing infectious diseases and even battling cancer.

But this isn’t just talk – Vaxxas has the receipts. They’ve aced human clinical trials with over 500 participants, leaving a trail of success behind them. With ongoing Phase I clinical studies tackling COVID-19 and the flu, plus groundbreaking research funded by the United States Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) targeting pandemic influenza, they’re unstoppable.

And guess what? Vaxxas isn’t just changing the game in the lab – they’re transforming lives globally. Thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a measles-rubella study is in the works, set to kick off in 2024. Brace yourself for a future where diseases that once terrorized us are pushed to the brink.

But where did this genius begin? The University of Queensland (UQ) deserves a standing ovation for birthing Vaxxas’ core technology. Back in 2011, UQ’s commercialization group UniQuest gave birth to the biotech marvel. They burst onto the scene with an initial equity financing round led by the trailblazers at OneVentures Innovation Fund I, joined by powerhouses like Brandon Capital Partners and US-based HealthCare Ventures.

Oh, and that’s not all. The Australian Government’s Innovation Investment Fund (IIF) program has Vaxxas’ back. This dynamic duo of OneVentures Innovation Fund I and Brandon BioCatalyst is fueled by the IIF, a venture capital initiative that’s all about turning dreams into reality. They’re not just providing capital – they’re delivering a dose of expertise that’s propelling Vaxxas forward.

So, what’s the bottom line? Vaxxas isn’t just a biotech company. They’re the heroes of innovation, the champions of transformation, and the future of vaccines is in their capable hands. Get ready, because the world of medicine is about to witness a revolution like never before.

About HD-MAP needle-free vaccines

Imagine a revolution in vaccination that’s smaller than your fingertip yet holds boundless potential – that’s the Vaxxas high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP) for you. Think of it as a constellation of thousands of minuscule heroes, each armed with a speck of dried vaccine magic. When this patch meets your skin, it’s not just a touch – it’s a delivery of protection straight to the bustling community of immune cells right beneath the surface.

But hold on, the intrigue doesn’t end there. This isn’t your regular vaccine routine. This is next-level innovation unfolding. Those dried doses on the HD-MAP? They scoff at temperature challenges that make traditional vaccines shiver. Say goodbye to the frosty chains of cold storage and distribution – this is a game-changer for vaccine accessibility.

What’s more, these HD-MAPs aren’t newcomers to the scene. They’ve waltzed through trials, winning hearts and proving their safety to hundreds of participants. And when it comes to sparking immune responses, they’re like the star performers, outshining injected vaccines even when using smaller doses. The best part? Bid farewell to daunting needles; these patches are a breeze to apply, likely to be welcomed with open arms.

Now, imagine a world where vaccine patches waltz through mailboxes, bringing protection to doorsteps, workplaces, and schools. No more waiting in long lines, no more scheduling stress – just a tapestry of HD-MAPs weaving a future of hassle-free vaccinations.

It’s not science fiction; it’s science at its most ingenious. The future of vaccines is here, and it’s wearing the badge of Vaxxas HD-MAP – where innovation meets simplicity, and protection is just a patch away.

About Wellcome

At Wellcome, the quest for solutions to our pressing health puzzles is more than a mission – it’s a thrilling adventure. With a steadfast commitment to science, they’re on a journey to unravel the mysteries of life, health, and happiness. But that’s not all – they’ve donned their capes to tackle three global health riddles head-on: the enigma of mental health, the puzzle of infectious diseases, and the intricate dance between climate and well-being. At Wellcome, it’s not just support; it’s a symphony of discovery that echoes through the very essence of our well-being.

About SK bioscience

Meet the trailblazers of innovation – SK bioscience, a beacon of transformation in the realms of vaccines and biotech. Their compass points unwaveringly towards a world ready to combat pandemics, where vaccine development and manufacturing become the guardians of equity. Armed with cutting-edge vaccine technologies, they’re the champions of holistic health – not just treating, but preventing.

From heart to heart, continent to continent, they’ve woven a tapestry of collaborations with governments, regulators, healthcare warriors, and the brightest medical minds. Their passport? Globally certified R&D and manufacturing prowess. But it’s not just science; it’s a symphony of dedication. Every SK colleague breathes life into their mission: crafting top-notch vaccines, sculpting better healthcare horizons, and ensuring that the power of protection reaches every corner in need.

Note to Editor

In a brilliant meeting of minds, Vaxxas and SK bioscience have joined hands to decode a common vision: turning Wellcome’s support into a remedy for the weight of infectious diseases, like the relentless typhoid. Their mission is a symphony of balance – crafting treatments that are both within reach and sustainable, catering to the neediest while also making business sense. But there’s a promise that makes this partnership even more remarkable: a pact with global access.

Wellcome’s funding comes with a clause – a promise that whatever typhoid treasure they uncover will be accessible to low- and middle-income nations. And the story doesn’t end there – a slice of future success will dance back to Wellcome, fueling the fire of science to vanquish more health dilemmas. This is no ordinary collaboration; it’s the harmonious blend of science, compassion, and a promise to a healthier world.


Step into the realm of Vaxxas’ HD-MAP – a realm where curiosity meets potential. These vaccine deliveries are like stars on a quest, currently under investigation, available solely for the realm of exploration. They haven’t yet taken their place on the market’s stage – this is a dance of discovery, not commerce. So, before you ask, Vaxxas doesn’t sing the song of reliability, durability, or superiority just yet. It’s a canvas of possibilities, awaiting the brushstrokes of science to paint the picture of safety and effectiveness. This isn’t just a story; it’s an adventure in the making.

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