Vektor Medical Capitalizes on Expert Advice to Accelerate Technology and Commercial Growth

Vektor Medical, creator of the innovative vMap® next-generation arrhythmia mapping technology, is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its advisory board – Marlou Janssen and Dr. Craig McPherson.

Janssen is a former medical technology leader of Philips and Biotronik, while McPherson is a Yale Clinical Professor of Medicine and past American College of Cardiology (ACC) Connecticut Chapter Governor and President. Both bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to Vektor as it continues to revolutionize arrhythmia mapping technology.

With over two decades of experience in the medical device industry, Mrs. Janssen has built an impressive career championing innovative solutions for medtech companies like Philips, Biotronik, and St. Jude Medical. She has a sharp business acumen and a deep understanding of the global healthcare market, driving value-focused customer solutions to success.

From introducing growth-oriented strategies to executing sales and marketing plans, Mrs. Janssen is an expert in leading high-performing teams. She is now joining Vektor to support their commercial development, growth planning, and leadership development, and continues to pioneer industry-first innovations.

I am thrilled to be joining Vektor’s advisory board and helping them roll out vMap to the market! Their innovative technology is sure to revolutionize the way cardiac arrhythmias are treated, and I am so impressed by what their dedicated team has been able to accomplish! I look forward to lending them my support in their strategic and clinical operations.

Dr. McPherson is an esteemed electrophysiologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Yale University, joining Vektor’s clinical advisory board with a wealth of experience and expertise spanning four decades.

He is currently the nation’s longest-serving cardiology program director, having served as chapter president and representative to the American College of Cardiology’s Board of Governors from 2020-2023. Additionally, he has acted as co-chair of the Institutional Review Board and a member of the Nominating Committee and Graduate Medical Education Committee.

I was immediately impressed by Vektor’s groundbreaking technology and its potential to revolutionize the treatment of arrhythmias and drastically improve patient outcomes. I am excited to join the Vektor team and use my expertise to help spread awareness of this revolutionary solution and further their mission.

We are thrilled to welcome Marlou Janssen and Dr. Craig McPherson to Vektor Medical’s clinical advisory board. Their expertise in electrophysiology and many years of experience makes them the perfect addition to our team.

We are confident that their valuable insights and guidance will help us revolutionize cardiac care and improve treatment for the millions of people suffering from arrhythmias. We are delighted that these two exemplary leaders have chosen to join us in our mission.

About vMap®

vMap® is a revolutionary FDA-cleared technology designed to rapidly and non-invasively map the sources of arrhythmias in all four chambers of the heart with an astonishing 97.3% accuracy. Utilizing advanced machine learning and proprietary computational models, vMap extracts valuable information from a standard 12-lead ECG to provide functional insights into the location of arrhythmia sources.

The goal of vMap is to revolutionize medicine by optimizing our understanding of arrhythmias and improving ablations through pinpoint accuracy in identifying the sources of those arrhythmias.

About Vektor Medical

At Vektor Medical, based in San Diego, we’re revolutionizing arrhythmia care for those affected by atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias. Our non-invasive cardiac arrhythmia technology, vMap, has the potential to increase the success rate of first-pass ablation, reduce the risks associated with invasive mapping and reduce procedure times. This not only improves outcomes for patients, but also helps to reduce healthcare costs related to ablation procedures.

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