Verismo Therapeutics Ushers in a New Era of Clinical Excellence with Appointment of Sara Weiss as Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations

Verismo Therapeutics, a clinical-stage CAR T company, Penn spinout, and leader in the development of the innovative KIR-CAR platform technology, is thrilled to welcome Sara Weiss as its Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations. Ms. Weiss brings extensive experience in oncology clinical trials and will play a critical role in advancing the company’s novel CAR T therapies in the clinic.

Sara is an invaluable asset to Verismo, bringing over 25 years of extensive experience in pharmaceutical and biotech to the table. As a consultant, she was instrumental in the design and launch of Verismo’s STAR-101 trial, and now as part of their executive team, she plays a pivotal role in its operations and the development of all future products.

Sara is thrilled to be joining Verismo, a company that is committed to providing innovative, life-changing therapies to those in need. She is eager to be part of the amazing team at Verismo and to help make a positive difference in the lives of many.

“We are delighted to welcome Sara to our Verismo family,” proclaimed Dr. Bryan Kim, Verismo’s Chief Executive Officer. “Her extensive clinical trial design and operations expertise will be a tremendous asset in our mission to bring our SynKIRâ„¢ products to those who need them most.”

Sara brings a wealth of experience to Verismo, having served as senior vice president of Clinical Operations at Kadmon where she built the team from scratch, and running her own consulting firm that supported pharmaceutical and biotech companies from Phase 1 trials through to FDA approval.

She has a proven track record of designing and executing both domestic and international clinical trials, managing adverse events, overseeing data analysis and advancing products through FDA approval. Her passion for excellence and drive to succeed make her an invaluable asset to any organization.

Sara is an ardent advocate for the cancer community, having founded Thrive, a support organization for young cancer survivors, and serving as a peer mentor-volunteer in the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s Soulmates program.

She is also a patient advocate at DFCI, helping newly diagnosed patients, and is part of the breast and gynecological team that has been awarded a grant from Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) and several DFCI SPORE grants. Her dedication to helping others is inspiring and her enthusiasm for volunteering is unparalleled.

Sara’s educational background is quite impressive, having earned both a Master’s Degree in Biology and Neurobiology from Boston University and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts. Her expertise in these two fields has enabled her to attain a deep understanding of the complexity of the human body and brain.

About the KIR-CAR Platform

The KIR-CAR platform is a revolutionary dual-chain CAR T cell therapy that has been shown to be remarkably effective in preclinical animal models. Utilizing the novel costimulatory molecule DAP12, the platform provides additional pathways to stimulate T cells, enabling sustained chimeric receptor expression and improved persistence. This powerful combination has been demonstrated to result in the regression of solid tumors which are often resistant to traditional CAR T cell therapies.

Even more exciting, the KIR-CAR platform can be combined with cutting-edge technologies such as in vivo gene engineering, advanced cell manufacturing and reprogramming, combinational therapies, and allogeneic cellular therapies to offer an unparalleled level of multimodal targeted immunotherapy for those in need.

About Verismo Therapeutics

Verismo Therapeutics is forging a new path in cancer care with its groundbreaking dual-chain KIR-CAR technology. Poised to bring its first asset into first-in-human clinical trials in 2023, Verismo is the only company developing this modified NK-like receptor technology, which promises to provide improved persistence and efficacy against aggressive solid tumors. With its cutting-edge KIR-CAR platform, Verismo is responding to the urgent need for better treatments for advanced solid tumors.

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