Visage 7: KLAS 2023’s Top-Rated Solution!

Visage Imaging, Inc., a subsidiary of Pro Medicus Ltd., is thrilled to be the proud recipient of the #1 Universal Viewer (Imaging) ranking in the 2023 Best in KLAS® Software & Services Report by KLAS Research! With Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform, Visage is revolutionizing the imaging industry with its One Viewer™ philosophy, allowing for unified diagnostic, clinical, specialty, research, and mobile imaging workflows in the cloud or on premise.

Visage 7 is the top-ranked Universal Viewer (Imaging) solution, scoring an impressive 90.2. It offers more than just PACS, supporting multiple media types like DICOM, JPEG, MPEG, and Cine clip across multiple clinical service lines such as radiology, cardiology, pathology, and wound care – all in one powerful solution. With this level of capability, it’s no surprise that Visage 7 is the number one choice for provider organizations.

Visage 7 offers ultrafast diagnostic interpretation at enterprise scale, eliminating the need for legacy PACS. This approach to PACS replacement, known as Deconstructed PACS™, is led by Visage and is becoming increasingly popular. Customers are now purchasing the Visage 7 “full stack” offering – Visage 7 Viewer, Visage 7 Workflow and Visage 7 Open Archive. This combination of native solutions does qualify for evaluation in the KLAS PACS segment, making Visage 7 a top-tier offering for PACS replacement.

KLAS’s Best in KLAS report shines a spotlight on the software and services companies that are dedicated to helping healthcare professionals provide optimal patient care. Thousands of providers have shared their feedback, and the rankings are a direct reflection of that. A Best in KLAS award is a testament to the top vendors’ commitment and dedication to healthcare IT, and is a true honor for those who receive it.

Visage 7 has been a resounding success, with customers using it to replace more than one hundred legacy PACS and imaging viewers. For over two years, all new Visage 7 customers have been opting for the cloud implementation, making Visage a market leader in the industry. It’s no wonder that KLAS has recognized the outstanding efforts of Visage customers and the Visage team, who have made this transformation a reality. We at Visage are proud and humbled by this award that celebrates their commitment to success.

About Visage Imaging, Inc.

Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform is transforming the healthcare industry, providing a fast, clinically rich and highly scalable solution for local, regional and national PACS replacement. Through its One Viewer™ philosophy, Visage 7 provides diagnostic, clinical, specialty, research and mobile imaging workflows from a single platform, allowing for modular scalability and future-proof flexibility. And with Visage 7 Workflow, Visage 7 Open Archive, and Visage AI Accelerator, you can enjoy the power of an enterprise imaging solution, whether you opt for a cloud-based or on-premise solution. Unlock the power of Visage 7 today and experience healthcare at its best!

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