Visionary of Refractive Surgery Joins Evolution Optiks Advisory Board

Evolution Optiks Limited is thrilled to announce that Prof. Dr. Thomas Neuhann has joined their ranks of prestigious Advisory Board members. With over four decades worth of experience as an eye surgeon, Prof. Neuhann has revolutionized the global standards of ophthalmological procedures and is renowned the world over for his contributions to the field. Sadly, 43 million people are blind worldwide due to a lack of access to vital eye care services in impoverished countries – a crisis that Prof. Neuhann will undoubtedly seek to address with his unparalleled experience and expertise.

We are thrilled to welcome Thomas Neuhann to our Advisory Board! His decades of expertise and experience in ophthalmology, combined with his pioneering spirit of research and interest in innovation, will be invaluable to unlocking the limitless possibilities of our fully digital light field tele-refractor. This revolutionary technology allows for eye exams to be conducted remotely and around the world, ushering in a new era of care and progress for the ophthalmology field. Thomas is excited to be part of this innovative and forward-thinking journey, and we are ecstatic to have him aboard!

Since 1982, Prof. Dr. Thomas Neuhann, a resident ophthalmologist in Munich, has been making breakthroughs in his field. As Medical Director of EuroEyes, one of Germany’s largest clinics for refractive surgery, he established a non-profit cornea transplant bank in 1991. He has received numerous accolades, including being chosen as a Pioneer of Refractive Surgery in the US, as one of the “Top 50 Opinion Leaders” by “Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today,” and on The Ophthalmologist’s Power List 2016.

His research has produced more than 150 scientific articles and book chapters. Furthermore, Dr. Neuhann’s innovative spirit continues to be evident in his founding of Evolution Optiks Limited in 2014. This company specializes in light field technology, with a focus on vision-adapted and multi-view displays, optometry tools, and light field display solutions. The applications for these solutions can be seen in various areas, from consumer solutions, advertising, and media, to medicine, automotive, and avionics.

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