Viva Biotech Strengthens Its Force with Multi-Million Dollar Investment!

Viva Biotech Holdings Group (1873.HK) is proud to announce that its CRO business unit Viva Shanghai successfully raised nearly US$ 150 million through equity transfers to big-named investors such as Temasek, HLC, and True Light, with the listed entity of Viva Biotech receiving a proceed of US$ 60 million. Looking ahead, Viva Biotech is exploring the option to list its CRO business separately on China’s A-shares market. With this monumental move, the company can look forward to a promising future!

Viva Biotech has established its global biopharmaceutical preeminence through its SBDD development and successful CRO drug discovery and development. Since its listing, Viva Biotech has completed the mergers and acquisitions of SYNthesis and Langhua Pharmaceutical, leading to an integrated platform for research, development and manufacturing of CRO and CDMO products. This has resulted in a remarkable growth, from RMB 323 million in 2019 to RMB 2.38 billion in 2022, representing a CAGR of 94.57%.

Meanwhile, its gross profit increased from approximately RMB 156 million to approximately RMB 816 million in 2022, recording a CAGR of 73.61%. Now, Viva Biotech is taking a forward-thinking approach by introducing strategic investors and planning for its A-shares listing – demonstrating its ambition to ride the wave of capital empowerment and attain even greater success.

Dr. Cheney Mao, Chairman and CEO of Viva Biotech, is proud to announce Viva’s new strategic investors, who will bring invaluable guidance and support to our investment and financing decisions. Despite the current economic recession, Viva has been able to secure these established investors by leveraging our pioneering spirit and continuous innovation, demonstrating the market’s confidence in our business.

Furthermore, our commitment to our A-shares listing goal will help to meet the financial demands of our future development. To ensure our success, we will also be increasing executive share ownership and providing our core team members with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). These measures will create fresh opportunities for our long-term growth and ensure that Viva remains a vibrant and dynamic leader.

After an in-depth analysis of the biopharmaceutical industry, capital market rules, and the attributes of Viva Biotech, HLC concluded that investing in Viva Biotech would not only be beneficial towards its overall development, but could also result in the realization of its value and improvement in its corporate governance system.

With our joint endeavours, Viva Biotech has the potential to reach its full value through its structure-based new drug discovery platform along with other business segments. Furthermore, by offering a comprehensive ‘CRO+CDMO’ package, it can meet the needs of global customers and achieve sustained and long-term growth.


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