Willow and SuanFarma Unveil Revolutionary CBG Manufacturing Process with Promise of More Natural Molecules On The Way

WILLOW BIOSCIENCES (TSX: WLLW) (OTCQB: CANSF) and SUANFARMA are proud to announce that, together with SUANFARMA’s CIPAN manufacturing site, they have successfully completed the development and manufacturing process in pilot scale for WILLOW’s exclusive Cannabigerol (CBG) ingredient. The 36 m3 scaling-up production batches needed for qualification and registration are expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

SUANFARMA’s CIPAN manufacturing site boasts extensive experience as a leading CDMO in state-of-the-art fermentation and purification technologies, all held to the highest international standards of quality.

Willow Biosciences is revolutionizing the industrial manufacturing of functional ingredients with their FutureGrown™ platform, creating pure, consistent, and sustainable ingredients to meet the ever-growing needs of the industry. With this cutting-edge technology, they are poised to become a leader in biotechnology and set the standard for quality and sustainability.

Willow’s CBG is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry! This powerful ingredient has been clinically tested to be safe and is proven to be a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Now you can enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary functional ingredient for consumer care and health & wellness applications!

SUANFARMA and WILLOW BIOSCIENCES have joined forces to provide a comprehensive synthetic biology solution and further expand their joint product portfolio. This cutting-edge alliance brings together their expertise in producing pharmaceuticals and other Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) as well as natural ingredients for the Health & Wellness and Food & Beverage industries.

With this technology transfer, development, and piloting, the two partners are well-positioned to revolutionize the production of anti-infectives and other ingredients for a wide range of applications.

Willow Biosciences is thrilled to have CIPAN as a manufacturing partner for the efficient scaling and production of their first ingredient, CBG. Excited to take their collaboration to the next level, Willow Biosciences is now offering their customers an end-to-end solution while expanding their portfolio of products with SUANFARMA. Chris Savile, COO of Willow Biosciences, states, “CIPAN has proven itself a highly capable manufacturing partner.”

The collaboration between Willow Biosciences and Suanfarma has reached a major milestone, with the completion of a USP/DSP process development and pilot program. This opens up a wealth of opportunities for both companies, providing them with synergies that will help to create a robust, reliable, and efficient manufacturing process at an industrial scale. It’s an exciting development for both companies, and a testament to the power of collaboration.


At Willow, we are revolutionizing the health and wellness, food and beverage, and personal care industries with our precision fermented functional ingredients. Our FutureGrown™ biotechnology platform allows us to produce these ingredients on a large scale, while still being mindful of sustainability.

Our R&D team has earned a reputation for creating and commercializing bio-based products that are beneficial for our partners and their customers. Come join us and see how we are transforming the industry!


SUANFARMA, a life science partner since 1993, has been providing a wide range of services to the pharmaceutical, veterinary and nutraceutical industries, from development and production to commercialization of innovative ingredients. We have been a reliable partner for numerous companies over the years, helping them create unique and effective products.

SUANFARMA is a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, offering innovative and compliant services to over 3,000 customers across 70 countries. Our commitment to excellence is backed by a reliable and extensive commercial network of 12 local offices around the world, ensuring that all of our facilities comply with the latest regulations. With our advanced solutions, we are proud to help customers around the world achieve optimal results.

Willow Biosciences Inc. is proud to present its registered trademark, FutureGrown™, a symbol of innovation and progress in the bioscience industry. This hallmark of quality stands out among other trademarks, representing the excellence of Willow Biosciences Inc. and its commitment to progress.

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