World-Renowned Scientist Joins DEM BioPharma’s Scientific Advisory Board

DEM BioPharma, Inc., an innovative immune-oncology company striving to provide cancer patients with cutting-edge therapies, is proud to announce the addition of Wendy Young, Ph.D., to its Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Young brings a wealth of experience to the position, and will no doubt be a valuable asset in the company’s mission to develop treatments that precisely target signals on cancer cells and myeloid phagocytes to inhibit and ultimately eradicate cancer.

At DEM Bio, our mission is to revolutionize the world of immunotherapeutics. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Young – a trailblazer with immense expertise in drug discovery and a deep enthusiasm for pioneering research. His invaluable contributions will play a vital role in helping us expand our immuno-oncology drug target portfolio and lead the way in groundbreaking new therapeutics.

Dr. Young is thrilled to be part of the groundbreaking team at DEM Bio, harnessing immunotherapeutics to target novel innate immune system checkpoints and revolutionizing cancer therapies. With such an exceptional group of scientists and industry leaders united to eradicate cancer, Dr. Young is proud to be at the forefront of this potentially game-changing breakthrough.

Wendy is an esteemed member of the scientific community, having been recognized by the American Chemical Society (ACS) as a Fellow in 2018, named one of Endpoints News’ Top 20 Women in Biopharma in 2019 and awarded the Earle B. Barnes Award for Leadership in 2020. Currently, Wendy serves as an Advisor to Google Ventures and on various biotech companies’ Boards and Scientific Advisory Boards.

Prior to her current roles, Wendy was the SVP of the Small Molecule Drug Discovery division at Genentech, where she guided more than 25 clinical candidates in the areas of oncology, immunology, neurology and anti-infectives into clinical development, and co-invented fenebrutinib which is presently in its Phase 3 trials for multiple sclerosis.

Additionally, she holds the credit of being named as an inventor or author on more than 70 published patents and manuscripts. Wendy obtained her Ph.D. in chemistry from Princeton University and concluded her education with an American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

About DEM BioPharma Inc.

Longwood Fund-backed DEM Bio is revolutionizing immunotherapies with their groundbreaking approach to releasing the innate immune system in order to fight tumors. Their CHoMP™ platform (Co-culture with Human Myeloid Phagocytes) uses CRISPR-based functional genomics screens in cancer cells and primary macrophages to detect and validate newly discovered “don’t eat me” (DEM) and “eat me” (EM) signals that could profoundly increase phagocytosis of cancer cells and have a major impact in cancer elimination. Co-founders, Drs. Jonathan Weissman and Kipp Weiskopf of the Whitehead Institute and Dr. Michael Bassik of Stanford University have leveraged their expertise in macrophage biology to create an innovative approach to fighting cancer.

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