WuXi Vaccines Breaks New Ground: Unveils Its Inaugural Vaccines CDMO Hub in China

Prepare to witness a seismic shift in vaccine development and manufacturing! WuXi Vaccines, a pioneering contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), has unveiled its inaugural standalone vaccines CDMO site in Suzhou, China.

This is not just an opening; it’s a gateway to limitless possibilities. With this launch, WuXi Vaccines is turbocharging its capabilities to cater to the entire vaccine lifecycle – from discovery and development to manufacturing. Picture this: a powerhouse equipped to supercharge global clients’ project timelines.

What’s in this treasure trove? End-to-end services for a diverse range of vaccines, primed to reshape the future of healthcare. It’s a journey that begins with process development and propels forward to drug product development. But it doesn’t stop there; it reaches its zenith with clinical-scale drug substance (DS) and small-to-medium sterile drug product (DP) manufacturing.

The DS production area is a spectacle in itself, boasting not one, but two cell culture lines and one purification line. These powerhouses support DS production scales ranging from 50L to a staggering 1,000L, with the capacity to soar even higher to 2,000L when needed.

Now, let’s step into the DP facility, where innovation meets precision. It’s equipped with an automatic vial washing, sterilizing, filling, and capping line. This marvel of technology seamlessly supports the clinical production of both liquid and lyophilized products.

WuXi Vaccines isn’t just opening doors; it’s opening gateways to a future where vaccine development knows no bounds. It’s a journey filled with promise, one that promises to reshape the very landscape of healthcare as we know it.

In the realm of healthcare transformation, WuXi Vaccines is not just opening doors; it’s carving out pathways to progress. Mr. Jian Dong, the visionary CEO of WuXi Vaccines, couldn’t be more delighted with the debut of their standalone vaccine CDMO site in China. This isn’t just a milestone; it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to expanding its horizons.

Picture this: 200 individuals working tirelessly, each a cog in the wheel of progress. But that’s just the beginning; this powerhouse is on a trajectory to employ more than 500 dedicated professionals as it reaches full operational capacity.

And there’s a grand finale on the horizon, set to launch by the end of 2024. WuXi Vaccines will be manufacturing large-scale commercial lyophilized drug products in vials, a feat that promises to redefine the landscape of healthcare.

But the story doesn’t end here. Across the seas in Dundalk, Ireland, another chapter unfolds. The WuXi Vaccines facility in Ireland has hit remarkable milestones, including the launch of Tech Transfer (TT) and the relentless march of commissioning qualification and validation (CQV) activities.

The QC potency lab, operational since July 2020, received its GMP certificate from the Ireland Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) in July 2022. Here, over 160 individuals are united in the quest for healthcare excellence.

It’s a story of progress, of dedication, and of a commitment to improving the well-being of people worldwide. WuXi Vaccines isn’t just shaping the future; it’s laying the foundation for a healthier, brighter world.

About WuXi Vaccines

In the ever-evolving realm of healthcare, WuXi Vaccines stands as a guiding light. They’re not just a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO); they’re the architects of a safer future, focused solely on the development and manufacturing of vaccines.

Imagine a world where cutting-edge vaccines seamlessly navigate the path from discovery to the clinical stage and beyond, regardless of their form – be it proteins, viruses, VLPs, DNA, or the revolutionary mRNA/RNA. WuXi Vaccines is the key to making this vision a reality.

What sets them apart? It’s a potent blend of technical prowess, an encyclopedic knowledge of regulations, a premium quality system, and advanced CMC development capabilities. Picture multiple production platforms, both mammalian and microbial, working in harmony. Visualize extensive GMP manufacturing capacities, primed to deliver vaccines on a global scale.

WuXi Vaccines isn’t just a service provider; they are the architects of an end-to-end journey, from the moment a vaccine is discovered to its triumphant arrival on the global stage. Their mission? To ensure that vital vaccines reach every corner of the world, safeguarding public health and forging a safer tomorrow. They’re not just a partner; they’re an essential force in the battle to protect lives.

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