Zylox-Tonbridge Makes a Powerful Entry into the Prestigious FTSE Global Equity Index Series

HANGZHOU, China – Sept. 18, 2023 – In a thrilling turn of events, Zylox-Tonbridge (2190.HK, fondly known as “the Company”) has just secured a spot in the prestigious FTSE Global Equity Index Series (“GEIS”). Picture this as an accolade akin to earning a seat at the VIP table of global investments.

FTSE Russell, the guiding light in global indexing, has officially recognized Zylox-Tonbridge’s prowess. Their stock now graces the esteemed FTSE Global Total-Cap Index (LMSµ) and the FTSE Global Micro Cap Index. It’s official; Zylox-Tonbridge is now part of an elite club.

This isn’t their first rodeo, though. Earlier this year, Zylox-Tonbridge was welcomed into the exclusive MSCI China All Shares Small Cap Index, setting the stage for their meteoric rise.

Now, here’s the thrilling part. This recognition isn’t just about a name in an index; it’s about a gateway. Zylox-Tonbridge is poised to magnetize global investments, becoming a beacon for savvy investors worldwide. Their stock liquidity is set to surge, and their star will shine even brighter on the global investment stage.

But let’s not forget the grand vision. Zylox-Tonbridge is on a mission to pioneer the future of vascular interventional medical devices. They’re not just in it for a moment; they’re in it for sustainable growth, creating lasting value for investors. This is a journey worth joining, a story that’s just begun its most thrilling chapter yet.

About Zylox-Tonbridge:

Step into the realm of medical marvels, and you’ll encounter Zylox-Tonbridge, a dynamic force in China’s neuro- and peripheral-vascular interventional medical device market. From their inception in 2012, they’ve propelled themselves into a league of pioneers, with Hangzhou as their vibrant headquarters.

In this exhilarating journey, innovation reigns supreme. Zylox-Tonbridge isn’t just a company; it’s a fusion of cutting-edge R&D, manufacturing prowess, and proprietary technology, all woven together with a splash of commercial magic. Their mission? Delivering more than just devices—offering pathways to a superior quality of life, driven by the wonders of advanced medical technology.

Imagine a future where groundbreaking medical solutions aren’t a luxury but a right. This is the vision that fuels Zylox-Tonbridge’s unwavering dedication, ensuring that the promise of progress is accessible to all. Welcome to the future of medical technology, where Zylox-Tonbridge is leading the way into a world where innovation knows no bounds.

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